“I must have done something really bad!”

Posted by on April 4, 2009

Angela arrived for her past life regression (PLR) session saying that her life was so crazy and confused that she must have done something really terrible in a past existence and therefore was now reaping the results. She had read an interview with me on past life therapy in the Pueblo Chieftain newspaper (see article) and decided to gather up her courage and give it a go. In this life, Angela has fought for her schooling, her employment, her safety, and at times, even her sanity. She described her family as non-supportive. Life seemed to challenge her every effort. Nonetheless, she was well-employed, loved her children, and was ready to dig into the roots of her suffering.

Angela’s soul had other plans. She found herself in a simple country setting as a small girl of another race. This child, Sarah, loved to go barefoot, loved the feel of the grass under her feet and the blue sky overhead. She felt cherished by her parents. Life was tender and good. But at 18 years of age, Sarah died suddenly, leaving a grieving mother behind.

As we explored the reasons this life was shown to her, Angela felt the profound delight of that life, the joy and happiness, the simplicity, the connection to Earth and Sky. Most of all she absorbed the feeling of being truly loved and cherished. She experienced being accepted just as she was. This was a new freedom. This was a healing contrast to her present life experiences. She now has memory of unconditional love, and a complete complement to the complexities and challenges of her daily life. Rather than the troubled past she expected to find, her unconscious said, enough already! More important to her present state were deemed the gentle gifts of innocence, simplicity and wholesomeness. In seeking the roots of her suffering, Angela was given instead sweet passage into her joy.