Going Out In Style

Posted by on January 1, 2014


Going Out in Style: A Guide to Planetary Departure

By Marcia Beachy, MS, LPC

Have you wondered what it’s really like to cross over into the afterlife? Would you like to make it a good trip for yourself—or be an ambassador of goodwill for someone who is dying? If so, welcome to this rich forum of information and compelling personal stories.

You may be cynical, frightened, sure or unsure about life and what happens afterward, but in Going Out in Style, you are warmly invited to join the discussion on conscious living and dying. Many people, just like you, are redesigning their exits as they live more consciously.

Ideas Explored in the Book

Whether you want simple guidelines or the latest departure upgrades, you will find this a fascinating exploration that includes:

  • Your “style” of living and dying
  • The variety of heavens from which to choose
  • Practical tools for conscious living
  • Tips for navigating the afterlife
  • What you will want in your own first-aid departure kit
  • What to include in transition ceremonies
  • How you can affect your own departure right now
  • How to avoid becoming confused or lost

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Reader Comments

I am a retired physician in Pueblo, CO. I frequently ask my patient’s to read this informative and spiritual book. I have read it 3 times. All of the information about the death experience and the afterlife are answered and ring true with my soul and scientific mind. Death will likely be my next big adventure, so ,of course, I wish to get prepared. Marcia’s book does exactly that.” - L. E. Williams MD

“This very interesting book is not like any other book I’ve read on the topic of dying and the afterlife. I like the fact that it covers many aspects of the dying process from different viewpoints, as well as many aspects of the possible afterlife, from different viewpoints. The author presents new information to get people thinking. It is one of the recommended books for the Ministry courses that I teach.” - Bonnie Willow, Minister, School of Peace

“Of all the spiritual, metaphysical books I have read, this one has impacted me the most. In fact, I bought eight extra copies for my friends. The author very respectfully presents the full spectrum of where one might be in their belief system about death and beyond, and offers clarity about what is possible. I intend to re-read it every year, so I can make the most of the “grand initiation” when I am ready to leave.” - Stargazer

“Marcia Beachy is a gifted writer. She tackles a difficult subject (death) with compassion, foresight, and HOPE. I had learned through my metaphysical teachings that the afterlife one experiences depends on one’s beliefs and fears. Marcia helps to remove the fears. She teaches how to create a rich and full afterlife experience, BEFORE one dies. This can be done at any time. However it is never too late to do this for yourself, or help a loved one enter the afterlife consciously–even at the point of nearing death.” - Tianna Galgano,  author and teacher

“This incredibly inspiring and original book is not only a guide to dying consciously, it is a guide to living consciously with compassion, gratefulness and purpose. Every word, every rich metaphor, every page is eloquently and clearly crafted with thoughtfulness and compassion. An extremely gifted writer, Marcia draws from her rural Mennonite upbringing, from her years as a teacher and psychotherapist, from her scholarly research, and her expertise in past life regression therapy and hypnotherapy. I found such comfort and hope in this book, and it helped me to release my unresolved pain, guilt and regrets after the death of my parents. Even after a second reading, Going Out in Style remains my guide to living my life well, and to preparing for my death.” - H. Remington