Death In First Person

Posted by on January 6, 2014

Note: If death could speak to us, what might it say? Here are some thoughts…

DSCF2203I AM Death. I AM as you have created me.

I evolved with you as you courageously entered into the journey of matter, of time and space.

As you became more dense, more focused into physicality, I arrived, for you needed a passageway back to your Spirit.

Now that you are lightening your energy—filling your bodies and consciousness with Light and Compassion—I can also lighten. In fact, I look forward to becoming unnecessary to you!

Eventually, as I see it, you will no longer need me for you will come and go from this lovely planet with greater ease.

And you will look back on these thousands of years with gratitude that you have indeed birthed yourselves through the Shift of the Ages into a time of Grace and Peace.

Death, as you have known me, will be no more, and you will simply call me an old friend you knew in the world that was.