This Divine Classroom: Earth School and Psychology of the Soul

Posted by on January 20, 2014


This Divine Classroom: Earth School and the Psychology of the Soul

by Marcia Beachy, MS, LPC

Psychotherapist, Marcia Beachy, develops the broader view that Earth is a classroom for soul evolution. Through in-depth work with past-life regression (PLR) clients, Marcia unravels some of the mysteries of our lives and how we learn from difficulties and joys.

Fascinating stories unfold over eons of time as the reader follows the journeys of three particular clients.

Through these stories, we are challenged to see the world through the eyes of the soul and grab hold of the valuable opportunities here in Earth School.

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Comments from Readers and Colleagues

“I was touched and inspired by the wisdom imparted by the author in This Divine Classroom. Her insight provided a universal perspective, not only of this lifetime, but of the many lifetimes out soul may travel. Although the book provides understanding of the challenges we may face in this lifetime, it also opens our hearts to the joy and mystery of the journey of the soul. I loved the book!” —Gayla Badovick, Psychotherapist, Upland, California

“My dad and I agreed when I was a teen that reincarnation made a lot of sense. I’ve been a believer ever since… I’m enjoying your book very much — beautifully done, well written, wonderful content. I’m impressed.” —Larry Hollar, President of Hollar Seeds Co, Rocky Ford, CO, and author of ‘Keep Your Business Close and Your Family Closer’

“Thanks Marcia for making this information available to us in such an easy to read format. This Divine Classroom gives an expansive view of reincarnation and the birth and death process, leaving us with the knowledge that life is more than we know. This Divine Classroom also gives us tools to better deal with existing situations, and compassion for one another’s experiences, when we place them within this broader spectrum.” —Susan Wolfe, owner of Mountain Miracle (metaphysical store), Manitou Springs, CO

“Truly, truly I loved the book. Your writing style is eloquently loving and beautiful. I am struck by the timing of this book with all that is going on in the world. But more personally, this book gives me courage to face my darker side, and to choose to act from grace and love… I have been moved to my very soul. There are so many things I will take from This Divine Classroom: forgiveness of myself and others; acceptance of all parts of myself and others; and ‘the courage to see, hear, and know what I need’ in order to take conscious action… I was telling my mom about the book and she is going to order it. Your book has served as a bridge for us to reconnect at a deeper level.” —Jan Dutton, Psychotherapist and Co-Director of BCDSS ‘Process Program’, La Junta, CO

“I just finished reading your book. It was an excellent read. [The three case studies are] all fascinating journeys resulting in insight about this life process all of us are involved in. I found the second half of the book filled with insight and guidance for embracing the totality of life’s experiences, and what arises from both the conscious and unconscious minds. Your writing style conveys presence and nurturing.” —James Ferolo, Insight and Compassion Meditation teacher, Dixon, Illinois

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