Finding Daniel

Posted by on January 23, 2014

small_5187487629Daniel was an avowed atheist. He was also my client Laura’s friend. He died at age 97, some weeks prior to our session (below).

Having lost his eyesight, Daniel’s main joy was listening to classical music. He held a strong belief that there was nothing after death and that he would likely be in a state of sleep forever. As Laura watched his decline, it seemed to her that he was having a difficult time facing that “nothingness.”

However, Laura knew in her heart that consciousness continues on after the body dies. She shared this understanding with Daniel well before his passing and jokingly vowed that she would find him in the afterlife and wake him up.

When Laura came for her counseling session, she had a feeling that Daniel was “lingering” and had not yet found his way into the afterlife realms. Because she had already done some PLR work with me, we knew she had the skills for multidimensional work. So we set some time aside to see if she could track him.

In the Afterlife with Daniel

After a light induction with guided imagery, Laura arrived in the afterlife dimensions in search of Daniel. This is the experience she shared:

Now, I see Daniel. He has on a red vest and cap and appears to be sleeping. There are people around him, waiting. They also want him to wake up. His mother and father are there…

What I sense he needs is the music he loves. His mother agrees with this and seems to be looking for someone to help us. We hear music starting up. It is an orchestra playing Beethoven. This helps.

Daniel Awakens

Daniel is beginning to get up. His eyes are still closed. He is asking, who’s there? We all answer him. He is a little afraid that he will still be blind if he opens his eyes but he does open them—and starts to talk about the orchestra.

He asks his mother and father, where am I?

It dawns on him that he can see! I tell him who I am and that I have come to visit as I promised. He is pleased—but confused. His mother and father want to help him stand up and he does. He begins to recognize others who are around him, and asks them, are you dead?! They say we’ve never been more alive!

There are angels all around him, glowing in sparkling white…

Daniel and I are holding hands and walking. He is asking me why I came. I remind him that I told him I would come and wake him up…He loves the music and is asking them to play Mozart instead.

He hasn’t asked me for more information, just is settling in. He keeps saying that he is tired. I tell him that it is okay to rest, but to be sure and wake up when someone comes to visit or waken him. He is asking what he is supposed to do. He is conversing with some spirits who have gathered. They are very gentle with him. They remind him that it’s okay to rest—but to please wake up when they come to check on him.

I suggest to him that there are many things in the afterlife for him to explore when he is ready. He is closing his eyes and laying back down now. I ask the people there to remember to wake Daniel up periodically and they say, yes they will do this.

I am aware that my grandfather (a beloved relative who died many decades ago) called me to do this work with Daniel.

Daniel Crosses the Bridge

One month later, Laura reported that she thinks of Daniel regularly but now there is a warm glow around her when she does. She believes that he is happy, doing well—and awake.

What We Can Learn

I so appreciate this story. It is illustrative of how our state of consciousness at the time of death affects our soul’s adjustment in the afterlife. This is so empowering for us! We can choose the state of mind and heart we bring to our dying. It also affirms the assistance we can offer loved ones who have passed on.