33 Signs and Symptoms of Conscious Living

Posted by on February 16, 2014

Are you living more consciously?                                                                                     DSCF2299

If you notice yourself saying or feeling some of the following, you are on the conscious living path. Pat yourself on the back!

Waking Up

1. Oh! Maybe life isn’t just one chaotic mess after all!

2. Is it all really about learning and growing?

3. What am I supposed to be learning here?

4. Guess I’ve been sleepwalking through life, unaware, habitual and reactive. It feels like I’m waking up.

5. Waking up isn’t easy!

6. Waking up is an adventure!

7. Waking up sure brings up all kinds of emotions!

8. Wait, I was thinking like a victim. Gotta rein in my reactions. Remember, it’s about learning, not being helpless.

9. You mean I have to feel to stay conscious? I like staying in my head.

10. Oh, guess I better take better care of this body. I need it for the ride.

Learning and Listening

11. I AM learning to listen to my needs and care for myself.

12. Joy is good. Joy isn’t fake happiness. Joy is my soul shining. It’s me!

13. Creativity is good. Creativity and delight are even better. They are my soul. They are me!

14. Real food is good. Fake food isn’t good for my consciousness. Makes me sluggish and I forget who I AM.

15. Everything that goes into my body and my mind has consciousness. Gotta choose to choose.

16. Several times a day, I am learning to ask, “What am I feeling? What am I needing? What is most wholesome?”

17. It is sometimes hard to see my vulnerable inner child and do all that inner work. But wow! Is s/he beautiful now!


18. The long, dark night of the soul takes me deeper. I AM more honest and authentic.

19. I AM learning how to be quiet. I appreciate stillness.

20. Pain. Don’t like it, but see it has been a friend in disguise.

21. Difficult people. Don’t like to be around them, but I see they are teachers for me.

22. It’s a beautiful planet. I do my part in caring for my Earth home–and the Earth helps me stay grounded.


23. This world is a classroom. I AM here to experience, learn and master.

24. There are many worlds and dimensions. I also dwell in many dimensions.

25. I have lived many lives and had many experiences as I seek mastery.

26. I’m getting that mastery is an inside job; inner discipline, inner awareness, inner stillness, self-responsibility—and releasing addiction to outer mind drama.

27. I realize that I have been it all—the saint and the sinner, the innocent and the guilty. This gives me perspective.

28. I AM here to contribute and uplift. I like making a difference.

29. I see that an open heart is a tender gift. I am wisely and carefully learning to open my heart to this troubled and amazing world. The more I open my heart, the more I can embrace it all. The more I embrace it all, the more beautiful it becomes.


30. I see a great story unfolding, a great shift in consciousness for all of us. I didn’t see this before. Now I know I AM a part of it. I AM a valuable strand in the great web of ever-evolving life.

31. I forgive you. I forgive me. We are doing the best we know how to do. I am so grateful.

32. I AM here to expand consciousness. I learn what that is as I go along.

33. At the end of the day, it’s about COURAGE & LOVE. The courage to love and forgive myself. The courage to love and forgive them. The courage to know and be true to the beautiful Light I AM.