Conscious Living and Dying

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The journey of consciousness is unending, exciting, demanding—and never boring.

It is filled to the brim with angelic support as well as situations that challenge us to the core.

Expanding consciousness is the greatest adventure we will ever have—and it continues long after we depart.

There is a profound need for all of us to ease ourselves from fear-based living to trust and inner mastery. Our lives and our world are calling us all to wake up and become the magnificent beings we truly are.

Welcome to all of you who have felt a prompting to create a more gracious life through conscious living, and a smoother transition to what lies beyond through conscious dying.

Conscious Living

Conscious Living encourages us to:

  • Face fear patterns and transform them into allies
  • Create more ease and focus in stressful situations
  • Balance the care of our own needs and the needs of those we care about
  • Discover our authentic self, our beautiful soul
  • Recognize what we are learning through our challenges
  • Seek adventure on the inner planes, such as unveiling past-lives and their present-day influence
  • Directly communicate with our inner guidance
  • Value and implement self-care
  • Use self-forgiveness and self-compassion throughout the lifespan

Conscious Dying

Conscious dying encourages us to:Conscious-living-and-dying

  • Create more gracious living AND dying through our own conscious-departure intentions
  • Hear our authentic soul as it nears its completion of this life
  • Maximize soul evolution by preparing for the passage into the afterlife
  • Hold deep self-compassion and self-forgiveness. This enables our spirit to soar.
  • Create rituals that ease transitions for everyone
  • Release fear-based thinking and increase confidence regarding our own death
  • Make our eventual death into a tool for igniting adventure and freedom throughout life
  • Bridge the traditional Western approach to death and our growing understanding of consciousness and the soul

We can become frustrated and traumatized by medical, religious, legal, or family belief systems regarding dying and the afterlife. Conscious dying choices help to re-empower ourselves–and our loved ones.