Counseling and Psychotherapy

Individual and Couple Counseling

If you are considering counseling, it can be helpful to see if some of these statements might apply to you:

  • Relationship problems are affecting your work or your sense of security
  • You wonder if you are the victim of verbal, physical or sexual abuse
  • You find yourself uninterested in work, hobbies or relationships
  • You feel isolated or sad and notice changes in eating, exercise and/or sleeping patterns
  • You (or your family/friends) wonder if you are depressed.
  • You have recently lost a job, a marriage, a home or a loved one and are grieving
  • You notice that you are often anxious and nervous
  • You find it difficult to sleep, concentrate or relax
  • You can’t seem to stop your mind from spinning
  • You have learned that you have a life-threatening illness
  • You or someone close to you has experienced trauma

CounselingPerhaps you have done psychological healing work, but now want to deepen into soul work and see your experiences from a higher perspective.

Or perhaps you want to learn to forgive and let go.

You want peace of mind and heart. You want to feel more joyful, alive and connected to your body and higher self/power.

If any of these describe you, you can benefit from counseling.

What Counseling Offers

With counseling and/or the deeper work of psychotherapy, you will learn effective tools to help you:

  • Know what is and is not your responsibility
  • Create clear boundaries with others and yourself
  • Normalize and integrate grief and loss
  • Reduce negative anxiety and stress
  • Find the antidote for your depressive feelings (physical, emotional, mental or soul)
  • Face the prospect of death with calm and confidence
  • Reduce or eliminate trauma response
  • Come to understand and connect with your higher nature and purpose
  • Experience the power of forgiveness and joy

Through the use of active listening, humor, stress management, guided imagery, hypnosis, codependency/addictions work, tapping (EFT) or various other techniques, we explore what is unfolding for you.

By better understanding your challenges you change how you view them. Greater peace often results and you free yourself from old patterns and limitations. I work with you at your own pace, and can take you as fast as you want to go.

Your life is reflecting to you what is ready to be addressed.

We will work with both your conscious and subconscious. We listen closely to what you are experiencing in your heart and your body. In our time together you will learn to access your own powerful truth and guidance.

Training and Experience

  • Licensed Professional Counselor, State of Colorado
  • Practicing since 1984
  • Training and/or Certification in Guided Imagery, Reiki, Grief and Loss Recovery, Shadow Work, Jungian Psychology, Yoga, Body Work