Individual/Couple Counseling

The counseling and psychotherapy style I offer allows us to sit together, without judgment, and decipher the uncomfortable symptoms in your life. These symptoms may be showing up as relationship issues, abuse, depression, pain, grief, confusion, stress, or anxiety. They may be showing up as an internal push, a longing, or a new creative joy.

Through the use of active listening, humor, insight, guided imagery or various other techniques, we explore what is unfolding for you. By better understanding your challenges you change how you view them. Self-acceptance and ease often result and you free yourself from old patterns and limitations. I will take you as fast as you want to go.

Our lives reflect what is ready to be addressed. Our bodies often mirror it. The waves of learning and growth available to us are now rising higher than we can imagine and at times we can feel overwhelmed.  We include the unconscious mind because it will often sabotage our work if we don’t. That is why I listen closely, work with your dreams, and use guided imagery to explore the feelings rising in your body. These can be clues to the wisdom opening within you.

My counseling practice focuses primarily on adults, and I offer both individual and couple counseling.