Regression Therapy

Regression-TherapyRegression therapy is a powerful complement to counseling and often clients add it to their counseling work.

Others choose regression work to explore what is held in their memory bank without doing further counseling.

I highly recommend a follow-up counseling session after regression work to help integrate new understandings.  Either way, regression therapy accelerates personal growth and expands consciousness.

Invariably, people find these therapies very effective, and often life-changing.

There are two styles of regression therapy I offer:

1.       Past-Life Regression Therapy

This therapy uses hypnosis for exploring your soul’s incredible journey via your past lives. PLR therapy offers:

  • A fast-track tool for discovering the truth of who you are
  • Release of traumas, fears and self-judgement from the distant past that are impacting your present life
  • A window into your soul—often through the afterlife experience
  • Deep healing and forgiveness
  • Connection to loving ancestors and guides
  • Time with your own Higher Self asking for guidance and freedom from pain
  • Insight into the future

I would describe this therapy as not only informational, but beautifully transformational.

Past-Life Regression Therapy Training / Experience

  • PLR therapy training with Dolores Cannon (author of The Convoluted Universe series,
  • PLR therapy training with Roger Woolger, Ph.D. (author of Other Lives, Other Selves)
  • Life-Between-Lives training with students of Michael Newton, Ph.D. (author of Journey of Souls, Destiny of Souls and Life Between Lives)
  • Conducting past life regression sessions since 1996

An Introduction to PLR Therapy

Note: Beautiful client stories and materials from my work in PLR therapy are found in:

This Divine Classroom: Earth School and thePsychology of the Soul - Follow three PLR clients in their amazing journeys through time

Going out in Style: A Guide to Planetary Departure - Rich array of stories and guidance on living and dying consciously

Deborah’s Story

2.       Heart-Centered Hypno-Behavioral Therapy

Hypno-Behavioral Therapy is particularly suited to age regression in the present life. It enables you to follow the affect or feeling bridge back to original fears, anxieties and traumas in a safe, powerful and gentle fashion. Once the original unconscious fear is recognized, it is replaced with hope and love as you integrate it into your conscious mind.

This therapy is effective with childhood abuses, blocked memories, addictions, and anxieties.

Hypno-Behavioral Therapy Training / Experience