Facilitator / Speaker

marcia-photo-croppedI welcome the opportunity to work with your group as a facilitator, mentor or inspirational speaker. 

Speaker / Facilitator

The variety of topics I work with can include:

  • Stress Management and Self-care
  • Becoming More Conscious in an Unconscious Family/Workplace/World
  • Life-After-Death Planning (i.e. guidance for what happens when we die)
  • Conscious Dying and Mental Health (for mental health care professionals)
  • “Going Out in Style” (Making your death the one you want)
  • Getting Ready to Go (Practical preparations for death)
  • Past Lives—The Lessons and the Gifts (Stories, group regression, Q&A)
  • Listening to the Soul (Heart/soul/intuitive guidance techniques)


I also offer mentoring support for families and individuals.  This can include support for:

  • Facing loss and/or death (Completing unfinished business, rituals for letting go, compassionate grief care, knowing the roadmap)
  • Kicking the Co-dependency Habit (with regular check-ins and coaching)
  • Spiritual journey mentoring and support

Please contact me to discuss how I could support you or your group as a mentor, facilitator or speaker.

(Video, PLC talk)