Stress Management

Stress-ManagementAll stress isn’t bad, just some of it—sometimes.

For example, stress can be a motivator to change something that doesn’t work for us anymore.

It can give us the incentive or the energy to overcome a difficulty, or the courage to face a challenge that is before us.

However, if stress continues unrelentingly and we don’t see an end in sight, it often feels overwhelming and becomes debilitating—even life-threatening.

This is good cause for intervention because our body-heart-mind self can only handle so much before our coping mechanisms and immune systems experience some level of collapse.

How Is Stress Affecting Your Life?

If you suspect that the stress in your life is becoming a problem for you, why not take a quick quiz by following the link below.

Check Your Stress Level

Stress Management Support

We can’t control world events, of course, or yesterday’s bad drivers but we can learn to shift our responses. We can choose to become intentional—including that we move more calmly through the day and the drive home.

I can help you review the stress levels in your life and take action to enhance your sense of well-being. This means that you can:

  • Lower you blood pressure
  • Calm your mind
  • Like your life–or have the courage to change it
  • Feel stronger and empowered
  • Discover new meaning right where you are

Stress management work with me includes reviewing your own language of stress and what it can teach you. You will learn new breathing techniques, relaxation/meditation methods, effective movement, and how to shift your thoughts.

Do you want to increase stress management awareness for the other folks in your life? Stress management training is fun and extremely valuable for whole families or the workplace. Each training package is uniquely designed for your group.

Please contact me to discuss how I might help you with stress management.

Stress Management Exercise

In support of your well-being, here is a simple, easy breathing technique to settle down stress and increase your sense of calm. Good for lowering blood pressure as well!

4-Count Breath