Stress Evaluation Test

You may rate each of your symptoms as mild, moderate or severe.

Physical Stress Symptoms

_____ 1. Tension headaches and/or migraine headaches

_____ 2.  Stomach upset and/or nervous stomach

_____ 3.  Constipation, diarrhea or indigestion

_____ 4.  Pounding or irregular heartbeat

_____ 5.  Shortness of breath, shallow breathing

_____ 6.  Clenching or grinding of teeth

_____ 7.  Fatigue and exhaustion

_____ 8.  Dizziness or fainting spells

_____ 9.  Frequent colds/flu or illness

_____10. Choking, gagging or vomiting

_____11. Irregular menstrual periods

_____12. Frequent need to urinate

_____13. Nervous tics

_____14. Restless, nervous keyed-up feeling

_____15. Change in sexual interest (more or less than usual)

Emotional Stress Symptoms

_____ 1.  Impatient or easily angered

_____ 2.  Overwhelmed and helpless/victimized

_____ 3.  Resentful and/or jealous of others

_____ 4.  Lonely and isolated

_____ 5.  Sarcastic and spiteful

_____ 6.  Bored, depressed or numb (without emotion)

_____ 7.  Anxious or on edge

_____ 8.  Extremely emotional/over-reactive

_____ 9.  Cocky or arrogant

_____10. Distrustful, suspicious

_____11. Shameful or guilty

_____12. Indispensable (increased pressure to take care of or provide for self/others)

_____13. Insecure and unsafe


Mental / Cognitive Stress Symptoms

_____ 1.  Mind filled with mostly negative thoughts and worries

_____ 2.  Mind races from one thought to another/mind spin

_____ 3.  Can’t get unwanted thoughts out of mind

_____ 4.  Periods of confusion or disorientation

_____ 5.  Losing track of time

_____ 6.  Rigid thinking. Unable to see more than one (often limited) solution

_____ 7.  Losing sense of humor and/or creativity

_____ 8.  Frequent nightmares

_____ 9.  Frequent daydreaming

_____10. Losing interest in hobbies and pastimes

_____11. Difficulty concentrating

_____12. Forgetful, mind goes blank

_____13. Paranoid/distrustful thoughts and behaviors

_____14. Overwhelmed by rapid change. Not sure you can keep up

_____15. Escaping overwhelm by electronic, drug, alcohol, relationship or other addictive diversions

Soul / Spiritual Stress Symptoms

_____ 1.  Deep, generalized sadness

_____ 2.  Feeling that you don’t belong here

_____ 3.  Crisis of meaning, meaninglessness

_____ 4.  Lacking a sense of purpose

_____ 5.  Lack of fortitude and courage

_____ 6.  Inability to love and/or feel loved

_____ 7.  Disconnected from sense of a higher power or creative/intuitive source

_____ 8.  Inability to feel joy

_____ 9.  Lack of faith in higher human qualities/values (forgiveness, mercy, wisdom, compassion, clarity, freedom, equality, etc.)

_____10. Deep longing for soul connection, soul group, heaven or higher dimensional worlds

_____11. Life force feels blocked or diminished

_____12. Anger at God

_____13. Disillusioned by, or loss of faith in the teachings of your religion

Interpreting Your Results

How did you do with the check list? Do you feel that your stress is manageable? Or is it totally out of hand?

In which category of stress (physical, emotional, mental or spiritual) did you discover more about yourself?

If you you checked more than 50% in any category at the moderate to severe level, it is important to develop new stress management skills.

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